WS2: Blended learning Course Design

Facilitators: Ass. Prof. Daniela Gachago & Dr. Faiq Waghid, CIET, CPUT

Date and location: 

  • 7th of March 2019, 12.30-15.00, D6 campus (room 3128 in the  library)
  • 14th of March 2019, 13.00-15.30, Bellville campus

Workshop description

This workshop will introduce CPUTs vision for blended learning, framed by Laurillard’s book ‘Teaching as a Design Science‘. Starting off with focusing on your current students’ needs (persona activity), we will unpack the 6 Ways of Learning and show good practice on how blended learning can support these. Finally we will introduce a model for course redesign (storyboarding). To book your place please use our online booking system. We look forward to an interactive workshop with you!

WS1: Theoretical foundations of blended learning

Facilitators: Ass. Prof. Daniela Gachago & Dr. Faiq Waghid, CIET, CPUT

Date and location: 

  • 21st of February 2019, 13.30-15.30, Bellville campus, Library, venue 1
  • 28th of February 2019, 13.00-15.00, D6 campus, Library 3rd floor, Room 3.128

Workshop description

This workshop will unpack some of the theoretical assumptions driving teaching and learning practices. Starting from  your vision of how a CPUT graduate should look like, we will reflect on your assumptions on teaching and learning, and map them against common learning theories. This will provide an opportunity to rethink your teaching and your students’ learning and to explore the potential and gaps of your current pedagogical strategies in aligning with your vision of how a graduate student will engage with the world of work and the community they are embedded in. This is the first of a series of workshops, that will support you in redesigning your course offering using blended learning.  If this is something that has sparked interest, please click on our online booking system. We look forward to an interactive workshop with you!

WS20 The Learning Designer – designing the perfect blend for your students

Facilitator: Faiq Waghid, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology

Date and venue

  • 22nd of February 2018, 13.30-15.30, Centre for eLearning, Cape Town campus
  • 1st of March 2018, 13.30-15.30, 303, IT centre, Bellville

 Description of seminar

The Learning Designer is a web-based lesson planning tool to assist lecturers in the design of teaching and learning activities and to share their learning designs. Developed by the University College London (UCL) Knowledge Lab, under the leadership of the Professor Diana Laurillard, this free tool is based on the six types of learning from Laurillard’s Conversational Framework – a model of the conditions necessary for effective learning to take place focusing in particular on feedback loops between students and lecturers. Laurillard refers to these six ways of learning as a distillation of the main theories of teaching and learning.

With the six ways of learning serving as a framework, the lesson planning tool affords lecturers the opportunity to computationally design a sequence of learning activities with visual feedback. In this hands-on workshop, we explore how the Learning Designer can be used to design possible blended teaching and learning interventions. For more information visit the site

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Towards flexible delivery models for teaching and learning

Facilitator: Jolanda Morkel, Architectural Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Design

Date and Time13th October 2016,  13.30-15.30.

Location: online

Seminar description:

How can we make learning accessible to a diverse body of students, accommodating non-traditional and working individuals? How can we optimise technology through mindful learning design to expand learning beyond time and place?

This session will introduce concepts of blended learning design and demonstrate the use of synchronous and asynchronous tools that can be used to achieve flexible learning in the Higher Education context.

The session will be conducted online. Participants need an internet connection and may join via computer or mobile.

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Designing a learning module on Blackboard (hands-on)

Facilitators: Jody Boltney and Antoinette Van Deventer, Centre for e-Learning/ETU

Date, time and venue:

  • 21st of  April, 13.30-15.30, IT Centre, Bellville Campus
  • 28th of April, 13.30-15.30,  e-Learning, Cape Town Campus  (repeat)

Workshop description:

In this workshop we will focus on two main areas: proper file management within your Blackboard Subject and the Designing of a Learning Module. The Files area provides a central file storage area within a Blackboard Subject. Lecturers can then link to any of these items when creating content.

The Learning Module enables a student to follow a structured/predetermined path for progressing through content. It may contain content files, assessments, assignments, images, video files, audio files, URL’s, Discussion Topics etc. All the content, activities etc. needed to complete a Chapter will be structured in one, central place.

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