WS22 Teaching with podcasts/screencasts

Facilitors: Dr Faiq Waghid, Donna Lewis and Sonwabo Jongile, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology (CIET)

Dates and venue:

  • 7th of June 2018, 13.00-15.00, Centre for eLearning (CPT)
  • 14th of June 2018, 13.30-15.30, lab 303 IT Centre (BV)

Workshop description:

As CPUT aims to foster innovative educational practices, there has been much interest in the adoption of blended modes of delivery by academic staff. In support of these aims, the Centre for Innovative Educational Technologies (CIET) invites you to attend its second workshop on the use of podcasting/screencasting to support your existing pedagogy. The focus of this workshop is to provide a rationale and possible impetus for the use of podcasts/screencasts to support your teaching and students learning. We make reference to examples of how podcasting/screencasting has been used within the CPUT context to support different learning needs, using software and tools available to all CPUT staff. Additionally, practical guidance will be provided to support all staff members wishing to delve into the creation of podcast/screencasts. If you are interested please book your place using our online booking system the following link. We look forward to engaging with you in this workshop.

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August workshops: Brushing up on your presentation skills

The two workshops in August will allow you to brush up on your presentation skills.

Workshop 1: PowerPoint and PechaKucha

Facilitators: Linda Mkhize and Eunice Ivala, Fundani CPUT

Date and location: 14th of August 2014, 14.00-16.00, Center for eLearning, Cape Town Campus

Workshop 2: Prezi

Facilitator: Daniela Gachago, Fundani, CPUT

Date and location: 28th of August 2014, 14.00-16.00, Center for eLearning, Cape Town campus

The PowerPoint/Pecha Kucha workshop will first introduce some basic concepts for designing effective PowerPoint presentations. It will discuss concepts of visual literacy, the power of visuals, give useful tips on how to structure a presentation, integrate multimedia and other MS Office documents. In a second part, we will show you how to quickly convert a PowerPoint into a Pecha Kucha presentation. Pecha Kucha  is a Japanese word  meaning chit-chat (chatter). Pecha Kucha illustrates a fast, flexible, two-way approach to teaching and learning. A genuine Pecha Kucha lecture consists of twenty slides, although this is often slightly adapted for conference settings. Each slide is shown for twenty seconds. The total length is therefore six minutes and forty seconds. Slides convey their message through visuals and limited text. A strong focus of Pecha Kucha presentation is on audience participation. Through its concise nature it gives audiences a chance to engage with experts, spending less time on listening to presentations and more time to discuss new concepts and ideas with the people that have developed them.

The Prezi workshop will introduce an alternative to PowerPoint presentation by demonstrating the Prezi software and rethinking presentation structures, breaking out of the linear nature of PowerPoint presentations. Prezi is a dynamic presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas.  It is different from Powerpoint in the way that you plan and present your ideas – providing far more flexibility in terms of a subject overview and the means to zoom into areas of importance.  This workshop will provide an opportunity to start to plan and put together a Prezi.

For both workshops, participants should come with a topic of interest and lots of photos for use in the making of their PowerPoint, Pecha Kucha and Prezi presentations.

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Creating digital videos using screencasting software

Date and time: 27th of February 2014, 14.00-16.00

Location: Center for eLearning, training lab, Cape Town campus

Facilitator: Suzaan LeRoux, Accounting, Business Faculty

Description: IMAG0987

Whether you would like to demonstrate the use of a software application, narrate a presentation, or record and share your computer or tablet screen for any other reason, a screencast might be the answer.

This hands-on workshop will be aimed at introducing and showing ways that you (the educator) and your students can create a digital recording of a computer or tablet screen along with audio narration. We will be using free web applications that have a low learning curve. We will learn how to create a screencast on a variety of platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android, and to then upload it to a designated site.

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