Two Segways for facilities team

The Wellington and Bellville facilities teams are slightly more agile thanks to the addition of two Segway scooters.

The upright scooters have already been causing quite a stir when they have been spotted around the Bellville campus.

Chief Horticulturalist Douglas Curran says the Segways are a more effective way of travelling around campus quickly.

“We are trying to save on petrol costs and eventually we want to charge them using solar stations,” he says.

For insurance and safety purposes users need to do a special drivers course and be licensed to operate the machine.


Wellington library makeover

The Wellington Campus library remodel is officially underway.

At the start of February contractors began the massive task of removing the library’s roof and demolishing part of the outdated building.

The new library, which will be built on the existing site, will be a state-of-the-art modern structure featuring a walkway that that will connect it to the adjacent buildings and a brand new student centre.

Education is the flagship programme offered at the campus and the library has been customized to facilitate the faculty’s learning and teaching programme.

IMPRESSIVE: Architectural drawings of the new library

IMPRESSIVE: Architectural drawings of the new library

On completion, the library will feature a model school library as well as interactive teaching spaces that will allow teaching practice to take place at the campus.

The new facilitaty will also be user friendly, with student pods situated throughout and shelves placed at strategic points to absorb noise.

A permanent home for the Disability Unit has been incorporated in the design as well as a lift and ramps to cater for students living with disabilities.

The new library is earmarked to open at the start of the 2016 academic year.