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Media students sign racism pledge

SIGNED UP: Some of the Media students who signed the Racism Stops With Me pledge

CPUT’s annual Media Conference had an extra-special element to it this year when students pledged their support for an anti-racism drive.

The ‘Racism Stops With Me’ campaign is spearheaded by Independent Media  and for CPUT it became the latest in a long list of student lead initiatives at the institution tackling all forms of discrimination.

Head of the Media Department Prof Nirvana Bechan says media professionals have an especially important role to play in defending dignity in all.

“The Anti-Racism campaign speaks to the need in education systems for the recognition of all professionals to be treated fairly and with dignity. It is important for students to acknowledge this and understand that it goes hand in hand with hard work and commitment to their chosen fields,” she says.

The annual conference brings together some of the brightest minds in the Public Relations, Film and Video, Photography and Journalism fields and this year was no different.

CPUT student Tony Gum charted her journey from a simple selfie to being named the Coolest Girl in Cape Town by Vogue Magazine and later photographer and videographer Yazeed Kamaldien shared some of his secrets to being one of the top freelance writers in the country.

A highlight of the event included a Skype session with Yusuf Omar, one of the most prolific new media professionals to emerge from SA recently.




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