FID postgrads robed by family members

FAMILY AFFAIR: Prof Johannes Cronje, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Design, with the postgraduates and their families and friends on graduation day in September

Postgraduate students from the Faculty of Informatics and Design (FID) got special recognition on graduation day when they were treated to a special robing ceremony and breakfast.

Prof Johannes Cronje, Dean of the Faculty, said that the breakfast was an attempt by faculty members to let postgraduate students know that although they might feel lonely on their academic journey, they are not alone. “We together with your families and other support structure walk this road with you. So, your achievement is our collective achievement.”

A family member or in most cases the graduate’s significant other robes them in the academic toga after both graduate and their supervisor regaled the audience with anecdotes from their time together.

Cronje, who supervised the only DTech graduate, was honoured when his student, Simon-Peter Kafui Aheto named his last born after him. “Kafui informed me that he was planning to name his latest daughter Johannes, after me. I then told him that as a girl she could not have my name and that he instead he had to name her Johanna.”

Little Johanna, who was nearing two years, was present when her father was robed by the whole family, which included his wife, father, mother, brother and other family members.

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