CPUT steps into aerobics

HEALTHY BODIES: Scores of students took part in the STEP aerobics demonstrations at the District Six Campus.

In line with its mandate to ensure the holistic development of our students, the Department of Sport and Culture is introducing Step aerobics as a new offering in its milieu of sporting codes.

A demonstration of the new sport was held recently on the District Six Campus and saw about 100 students and staff members being taken through their paces by coach Urion MacArthur as part of the department’s Healthy Body Healthy Mind programme.

MacArthur, a retired school teacher for physical training, has the necessary equipment such as balls, dumbbells and skipping ropes which he arranges in a special way on the stage to facilitate training.

He led the participants in a variety of physical exercises performed while dance music played in the background. The students, who came in droves to take part in or watch the proceedings, seemed to enjoy the music. Staff members, including Siyabulela Mkwalo, Sport and Culture Manager, also took part in the aerobics.

Quinton Summers, from the Sport and Culture Department, said that while they decided on having the demonstration on the District Six Campus the sport will be introduced on other campuses as well if the students are interested.

“I brought the guy who is offering it at local schools to the Piazza to do the demonstration as well as gauge students’ interest, and if they want it, it will be offered in the Multi-Purpose Hall,” said Summers.

He added that the aerobics will be offered once –a-week or twice during lunchtime and can take up to a hundred participants per session.


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