Caring for Students

INFORMATIVE: Representatives from NPO, Stop Trafficking of People (STOP) spoke about human trafficking.

Human trafficking and gender-based violence were among the topics tackled during the recent First Year Experience Symposium, organised by the Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences.

The programme included an interactive presentation by NPO, Stop Trafficking of People (STOP), who informed students about different types of human trafficking and danger signs to look out for.

Speaker Melanie Marais, Head of HIV/Aids Unit at CPUT, urged students to report incidents of gender-based violence to campus security.

Anthea Pinto-Prins, the Teaching and Learning Coordinator in the Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences, said student mentors and tutors had identified the topics that were addressed during the symposium.

Other topics covered included HIV and mental health.

“The purpose of the event was to raise awareness, to get the students involved and to ‘unsilence’ the student voice. As a Faculty, we decided that we needed to tackle these issues,” she said.

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