Young leader making waves

LEADER: Mfiki Mdiyana (second from right) during his time in Pretoria.

A Public Relations student, with a passion for serving the community, was among a selected group of young people who formed the Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa (YALI) 2019 cohort.

As part of the programme, Mfiki Mdiyana recently spent four weeks in Pretoria with young leaders from 14 Southern African countries.

The centre develops young African leaders in business and entrepreneurship development; civic leadership; and public management and governance through a range of approaches including contact sessions; online mentoring; online self-paced tuition; industry placements and experiential learning.

Mdiyana said he selected the public management and governance stream, adding that the experience enriched his life.

Among other things, the young people visited the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South African National Roads Agency Limited, hospitals and schools during their stay.

“I learnt so much about how to be a leader. There are things you can do without a lot of money. I am starting my own NGO called the Home of Hope Foundation.”