Libraries go cashless

SEAMLESS SERVICE: Library users will be able to settle their library accounts on OPA.

CPUT Libraries aims to enable users to settle fines for late returns, fees for lost items and services such as binding and laminating by using technology seamlessly.

Library manager: IT & Library Systems, Solomon Kapfunde, said the cashless system has been piloted at the Bellville Campus Library as from 2 October.

During the pilot period, the library will not be accepting cash payments. All transactions will be facilitated/settled via the Zapper system in the library or at the cashiers on campus.

Kapfunde said: “Students and staff should be able to settle their library accounts using the Zapper system on a smartphone.  In cases where they do not have a smartphone, payments can be made at the cashiers and they can produce the receipts at the library circulation desk.”

Library Manager: Technical services, Audrey Patrick, said they are going cashless because the handling of cash and collecting debt are functions that reside with the Finance Department and as a result, the library decided to go cashless under the leadership of the Library Director, Dr Elisha Chiware and with the support of CTS and Finance Department. “The pilot is to ensure that technology and workflows are comprehensively tested to iron out any problem that would arise in the use of such technology.  After a month of testing, the Library will be able to roll-out the cashless system to all CPUT campuses,” Patrick said.

Kapfunde added: “Users will be able to settle their library accounts on OPA, on and off-campus without Library interaction.  In this case, the users will receive notifications via CPUT emails of outstanding amounts from the library and effect payments via Zapper.”

Written by Aphiwe Boyce

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