September is Albinism Awareness Month

There are weird myths about Albinos making them a social outcast.


A person with albinism

Cultures around the world have developed many myths and superstitions regarding people with albinism. Some of the common misconceptions are:

  1. Albino individuals of a species are sterile. This is not true as albinos are capable of reproduction
  2.  In Zimbabwe, it is thought that having sex with a woman with albinism will cure a man of HIV. Many women with albinism in the area have been raped.
  3.  In Jamaica people with albinism are regarded as cursed, and therefore degraded.
  4.  In some cultures, people with albinism are thought to have magical powers, or are able to tell the future.
  5.  It is also thought by many that people with albinism live a short life which is not true.
  6.  People with albinism are retarded or deaf.
  7.  Albinism results from inbreeding or the mixture of two races.
  8.  Persons with albinism always have red eyes.
  9.  Persons with albinism are totally blind.
  10.  Albinism is contagious.


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