Pearson’s Mylabs to engage students in Maths, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry

Facilitator: Didi Pletts, Technology Solutions Manager, Pearson, South Africa

Workshop date: 19th of May 2011, 14.00-16.00

Location: B109 in the Science Building, Bellville, CPUT

Workshop description:

This workshop on “Pearson MyLabs” and “Mastering” will showcase how the online environment can assist the student learning experience. These programmes tutor students through problems with features like “show me how” and “hints” options, thus enabling them to continue their learning process without becoming frustrated by challenging activities. Furthermore, some programmes provide pre-tests which generate a personalised study plan for each individual student  focussing on gaps in their knowledge whilst skipping concepts already mastered. For the instructor, students’ progress can be closely monitored through the gradebook, where all results are captured once the programme has marked the activities. All this is based on content already imbedded in the programme without anything having to be uploaded by the instructor!

The focus of this demonstration will be on Maths, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry.

See more information on Pearson MyLabs and Mastering here:

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