Developing digital literacies through digital storytelling

This is the presentation and the video I presented at the eLA 2011 conference. The programme can be found here.

This presentation was a critical reflection on a project we carried out last year in the Faculty of Education, where final year pre-service teachers developed digital stories as part of the professional development course. They reflected in these digital stories on their journey to becoming teachers and the seven roles of a teacher, which form the basis of the South African teacher curriculum. The focus of this presentation was the potential of digital stories to develop digital literacy skills in a diverse student population. Results of the study showed, that although students improved their digital literacy skills, significant differences in the outcome could be seen based on students’ race and home language. A more practice-based approach to teaching digital literacies might provide a more inclusive way of integrating technology in the class room.


[slideshare id=8148094&doc=ela2011usingdigitalstoriestoimprovedigitalliteracyskills-110530034344-phpapp01]

Example digital story

[vimeo 24409792]
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