The use of digital storytelling across disciplines

Title: The use of digital storytelling across disciplines and institution

Facilitators: Sue Bassett from UWC and Jolanda Morkel and Penny Gill from CPUT

Date and location: Thursday, 23rd of August 2012, 14.00-16.00, Boardroom, C 3.78, Commerce Building, Business Faculty, Cape Town campus.

Seminar description: Digital storytelling has entered Teaching and Learning in Higher Education  as a way of improving student engagement, reflection and digital literacies, providing a new, more authentic way to knowledge acquisition. What started with a pilot in the School of Education has been rolled out to students in Nursing, Industrial Design, Architectural Technology, Food Technology and Graphic Design at CPUT. In this seminar some of the lecturers involved in these projects at CPUT and in a similar project at UWC will present their diverse approaches to and experiences with digital storytelling.



[slideshare id=14059225&doc=digitalstorysuebassett-120824042121-phpapp02] [slideshare id=14103644&doc=seminardstinnursingfinal23aug-120829022101-phpapp02] [slideshare id=14059235&doc=dst2012jolanda-120824042248-phpapp01]
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