Achieving visibility and better rankings on Google Scholar (hands-on)

Facilitator: Melius Weideman, Faculty of Informatics and Design

Date and venue: 17th of March 2016, 13.30-15.30, Centre for e-Learning (CPT campus)

Workshop description:

High rankings on search engines are not negotiable for many websites, but especially  those of e-commerce ventures. At the same time the value of citations of a researcher’s academic publications is being used as an indication of the impact of his/her research work. Google Scholar has established itself as a point of reference in terms of academic visibility, although surrounded by some controversy.

In this sessions, achieving this visibility for academic publications through Google Scholar is demonstrated through examples. The role of high quality content and the use of weight-carrying keywords and key-phrases are highlighted. A variety of other platforms are also identified as supportive to Google Scholar.

Pre-requisites for this workshop include: a full understanding of spoken and written English; familiarity with a browser; an academic publication record; a very basic familiarity with HTML code and familiarity with the general use of search engines.

Audience: Practising researchers. Participants will obtain most value from this series if they have a number of completed academic publications (journal articles, conference papers, theses, etc).

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