Increasing Participation and Engagement in Lectures using (Virtual) Classroom Response Systems

Facilitators: Daniela Gachago, ETU, Christine Price, Applied Sciences and Moses Basitere, Engineering

Date: 11th of August 2016, 13.30-15.30

Location: Lab303, IT center, Bellville

Workshop description

(Virtual) classroom response systems can be used during a lecture to improve student participation & engagement but also to provide feedback for both the lecturer AND the student. These systems allows a lecturer to rapidly collect and display responses from students in a lecture. This workshop will explore the use of (virtual) response systems as an active learning approach that can be integrated into the design of the student learning experience to increase participation & engagement. After a short introduction, two lecturers from CPUT will showcase their approaches to using response systems (Polleverywhere and TurningTechnology clickers) in their teaching. In addition, this workshop provides participants with a hands-on introduction to virtual clicker systems. If you have a web enabled mobile device please feel free to bring it along for the hands on component (please ensure that it is set up for web access!).

Workshop resources

Screencasts of presentations

In terms of technology/software we used the following yesterday:

There are many more webbased tools, such as Socratic:

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