WS16: Adaptive learning – are we ready ?

Facilitator: Sakkie Smit, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology

Date and time: 21st of September 2017, 13.30-15.30

Location: Centre for eLearning, training venue, Cape Town campus or Blackboard Collaborate (online)

Seminar description

Adaptive learning technologies, according to EDUCAUSE, “dynamically adjust to the level or type of course content based on an individual’s abilities or skill attainment, in ways that accelerate a learner’s performance with both automated and instructor interventions.” Enabled by machine learning/artificial intelligence, these technologies can adapt to a student in real time, providing both instructors and students with actionable data. The goal is to accurately and logically move students through a learning path, empowering active learning, targeting at-risk student populations, and assessing factors affecting completion and student success. Advocates for adaptive learning believe that it can be a solution for the “iron triangle” of educational challenges: cost, access, and quality.

Are we ready for Adaptive Learning? Let us come together for an interactive discussion.

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