WS21 Designing online exams


Seminar 1: Daniela Gachago, Faiq Waghid, Eunice Ivala (CIET) and Bronwyn Swartz (Engineering), CPUT

Seminar 2: Alan Cliff, CILT, UCT

Dates, time and location:

Seminar 1: 15th of March, 13.30-15,30, Centre for eLearning, Cape Town campus

Seminar 2: 22nd of March, 13.30-15.30, online (Blackboard Collaborate)

Seminar description

Recently there has been a significant increase of interest in online assessment at CPUT due to campus closure but also as a response to large student numbers and in general to provide more flexibility to students. However, lecturers who have ventured into online assessment soon realise that it is not simple to design online exams that are meaningful and test students on the appropriate cognitive levels. These two seminars will offer you an opportunity to engage with lecturers and staff developers’ experiences on how to best design for and implement online exams. We will address questions such as:

  •  ‘Doing assessment’ online – is it a case of transferring face-to-face assessment to an online environment?
  •   The affordances and challenges of online assessment – a continuum from formative to summative assessment?
  •   Online assessment practices – what is the purpose?   what formats are there? how do I grade online exams? how do I give feedback?
  • Academic integrity: How do you deal with issues of academic integrity when students write exams off campus? What options are there to create safe and authentic contexts for online exams on and off campus, such as the Respondus Lockdown browser or the Respondus Monitor?

Seminar one, in which Bronwyn Swartz (link to recording) will share her insight and practical experience on designing and deploying assessments on Blackboard in a numbers based subject, but also to assess research, and in more theoretical or even practical courses, will be held at the Centre for eLearning, while seminar 2, which will be facilitated by Alan Cliff from UCT, will be done online using Blackboard Collaborate.

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Workshop resources:

Bronwyn’s presentation (recorded on YouTube, 30 mins)

Alan and Sam’s presentation (recorded Blackboard Collaborate presentation, app. 1 hour 15 mins)

CPUT guide on online assessment (Blackboard Collaborate recording, 1 hour 12 mins)

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