WS6 Increasing in-class participation

Facilitators: Donna Lewis, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology (CIET), CPUT

Date and location: 18th of October 2018, 13.00-15.00, Centre for eLearning, D6 campus

Seminar description

How to engage students in large (and small) classes is one of the main challenges lecturers face at CPUT. We invite you to attend an interactive workshop on how web-based and offline learning tools can be adopted to enhance one’s pedagogical approaches to address  this challenge.   The workshop will introduce freely available easy to use tools, such as  Flipgrid, Plickers ad Kahoot (other tools will be mentioned), which allow you to playfully engage your students in and beyond the classroom, test their understanding of concepts taught, start discussions and facilitate peer learning. The workshop is also intended to allow interdepartmental discussion and sharing of experiences.  If this is something that has sparked interest, please click on online booking system. We look forward to an interactive workshop with you!

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