Important Blackboard Maintenance and News

Attention ALL Lecturing Staff
You may have experienced that the look and feel have changed, it’s still the same LMS as you know it, but with the anticipated Blackboard Ultra theme.
We’re reaching the end of the year and we need to do some maintenance on the Blackboard System.
1. All the 2014 – 2016 subjects will be removed from the system:
Therefore it’s time for you to make backups of your subjects and download it to your PC’s to ensure that you have a personal copy. Blackboard will also archive older subjects, but if you for whatever reason
might need your subject to be restored, it will be a faster process if you have your own archived copy than for us to request it from Blackboard.
Archive Instructions:
Underneath the Course Management Control Panel;
click on Packages and Utilities;
click on Export/Archive Course;
click on Archive Course;
Select your Copy Options and click on Submit.
(You will receive an email when the Archive process is complete. Just click on the archive file to download it to your PC.)
2. Next generation LMS: Move to SAAS and Blackboard Ultra:
With the move to Software as a Service (SAAS), all future software updates will happen automatically. Blackboard Ultra is the new Blackboard version that we’re moving to in 2019! The following document describes the transformation of the user interface and workflows in Blackboard Learn to Blackboard Ultra.
3. Creating 2019 courses:
All the 2019 courses will be created on Blackboard before closing of the 2018 academic year and populated with the primary lecturer as linked on ITS.
If you do not have access to our learning resources on eLearning BP: Best Practice, please drop us an email.
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