WS8 Creating multilingual content for and with students

Facilitator: Linda Manashe, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology

Date and Venue: 15th of August 2019, 13.30-15,30, lab 3.07, IT centre, Bellville

Seminar description:

The CPUT online multilingual glossaries project (MLG) is a collaboration between CIET and the Language Unit in Fundani CHED,  focusing on promoting multilingualism at CPUT especially by developing  African languages as scientific languages  across various study fields at CPUT.

Subject-specific concepts are translated and verified  from English to isiXhosa and Afrikaans in order to enhance teaching and learning through mother tongue.  
This workshop showcases multilingual content creation initiatives at CPUT,  such as the multilingual glossary and others, a discussion on the progress of the online MLG project, a demonstration of the online platform, and a discussion on opportunities to get involved in the growing CPUT online multilingual glossaries project.

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