Faubert Souza

Faubert shares her research experience and focus in this English-French video.


My name is Irenée Marie FAUBERT SOUZA and I was born in Port-Gentil, GABON. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Science: Environmental Planning from Keimyung University in South Korea. Before coming to South Africa in 2017 to pursue my studies, I received honours for excellent academic achievement and this certainly helped me gain admission to a prestigious university such as Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

I have completed an MTech in Town and Regional Planning from the Faculty of Informatics and Design with the following topic: Green Networks for Sustainable Development in African Cities: A Case Study of The Two Rivers Urban Park, Cape Town, South Africa. The research was carried out to determine how green networks of cities can improve urban sustainability. This study promoted the principle of ecological emulation and has also contributed to the research process of sustainable urban development in Cape Town.

… choose a topic you are passionate about …

It would be difficult for me to pin down a favourite moment during my time at CPUT. I was afforded the opportunities to meet new people, get to know a little more about South African culture through other students but above all to receive new knowledge from passionate and dedicated lecturers.

I’m grateful to this institution for preparing me for a successful future. I want to thank the Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPGS) for the comprehensive induction they provide for all new graduate researchers, the numerous seminars and workshops in research methods and all the tools they have given me to excel and conduct my research.

Doing research can be overwhelming, which is why it is important to choose a topic you are passionate about and that can keep you motivated throughout the research process. My advice for succeeding at postgraduate studies is very simple, to be organised, not to brood over failures and above all to stay positive.

Faubert shares her research experience and focus in this English-French video.