Mkhululi Grawe

Mkululi explains his research in this informative video.


Name of degree: M Tech: Public Relations Management 

Title of dissertation: The use of social media for employee communication in selected South African municipalities.

This study is about social media use for employee communication in local municipalities’ communications departments and the focus is the O.R Tambo District Municipality.

… make time for your studies, especially when juggling work and studies …

I grew up in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, and started studying at CPUT in 2018. I hope to graduate in 2021.

The best part of my time at CPUT as a postgraduate: Initially, I was afraid of doing a Masters, but I had to do it. One of my takeaways is that I developed a culture of reading broadly about public relations and social media. One of the challenges was that social media keeps on evolving, which means I have to keep up with new developments about social media. Also, interacting with people who are experienced in research opened up my mind and helped me to develop a greater interest in research.

What I’d like to see improved at CPUT or Advice for succeeding at postgrad studies: There is always a need to improve even though my experience of CPUT does not point to any moments of disappointments. This is because the staff members at CPUT are generally helpful and always eager to assist prospective students. The first few people I interacted with at CPUT were Naomi Rice and Dr Blessing Makwambeni; they were helpful and assisted me with the processes of admissions.

I would advise postgraduate students to have regular communication with their supervisors. Another thing is that it is always advisable to create time for your studies, especially for students who have to juggle work and studies. Most importantly, students need to do read broadly; that will help in choosing a  research topic.

Mkululi explains his research in this informative video.