Nokuphiwa Udoakpan


Watch Nokuphiwa explain her research in English and isiXhosa here.

Name of degree: Master’s in Business Administration

Title of dissertation: The impact of over-the-top Television services on pay-television subscription services in South Africa

I started studying at CPUT in 2019 and hope to graduate with my Master’s in 2021.

The best part of my time at CPUT: We were in syndicates groups during the coursework; therefore, we had to interact with different people from different backgrounds with strong personalities. This taught me about teamwork, flexibility and being agile. I also enjoyed the research element. It shaped my critical thinking, time management skills, my ability to work independently and my patience. 

“My biggest highlight is publishing my first paper. I cannot describe the feeling! Thanks to my Supervisor, Prof. Tengeh.”

What I’d like to advise CPUT postgrad students: My advice for thriving at postgrad studies is to listen to your supervisor. They have walked the path before. You may think you know it all, and sooner or later, you’ll realise that they are right. It’s like the saying goes, “Mother is always right.” Although you are bound to disagree on things, listen objectively. Don’t be too sensitive; receive constructive criticism. Have reasonable engagements, and take your supervisor along with you through all stages of your research. 

Lastly, read each day. Write, even if it is one paragraph per day. Ask questions when in doubt, join the Ubuntu Postgraduate Forum, make time for family, and don’t neglect the God factor in your research studies. Above all, enjoy the ride! It is more about the impact and learning; not just the ‘degree’ – the higher grades are a plus.

Watch Nokuphiwa explain her research in English and isiXhosa here.