Ethical Guidelines: Use of Student Feedback on Teaching and Courses

Policy Intent

The policy intent of Student Feedback on Teaching and Courses:

aims to provide students with the opportunity to give constructive feedback to lecturers to enable the continuous improvement of teaching and courses. It follows best practice guidelines, which recommend that both formative and summative feedback be obtained from students to assist lecturers in monitoring students’ progress towards course/subject outcomes, as well as gauging their current levels, and understanding difficulties experienced (CHE/HEQC 2004). Obtaining student feedback on teaching is in line with CPUT’s educational philosophy, which places the student at the centre of the learning process

When to apply for ethical clearance…

  1. If student feedback is used for the sole purpose to enable the continuous improvement of teaching and courses, research ethical clearance is NOT required.
  2. If student feedback data in used for research and publication purposes, research ethical clearance IS required.

All university research in which human subjects participant would require approval by the relevant faculty Ethics Committee.