Academic Literacy

Students are supported in acquiring and understanding academic literacy.

The objectives of academic literacy support are:

  • To help students’ acquire academic writing skills by guiding them through their written assignments
  • To integrate academic literacy into the students’ courses in partnership with lecturers teaching these courses
  • To assist first-year and international and students with language difficulties

The support takes the form of:

  • One on one – students are allocated a period of one hour to individually consult with a lecturer or consultant
  • Group consultations – students can come in groups of five to ten to consult with a lecturer or a learning facilitator
  • Team teaching – Academic Literacy lecturers teach with lecturers in faculties in order to integrate academic literacy in the course
  • Workshops in note taking skills, study skills, report writing skills, exam preparation skills, research proposal writing, essay writing, using the internet as a research tool, oral presentation and basic computer literacy are presented. These workshops are advertised on Newsflash. Also lecturers request workshops for their students on a particular topic.

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