WS3 Mastering Online Assignments: commenting, marking, rubrics and originality reports (hands-on)

Facilitators: Antoinette Van Deventer, Mavie Mavela and Sonwabo Jongile, Centre for Innovative Educational Technology

Dates and location:

  • 10th of May 2018, 13.oo-15.00, e-Learning Centre, District Six campus
  • 17th of May 2018, 13.30-15.30, IT center, Bellville campus (repeat)

 Workshop description:

In this workshop we will focus on two main areas on our LMS Blackboard: Online Assignments and the Plagiarism prevention tool, Safe Assign. We will first look at the creation and submission of online assignments, as well as how you as the lecturer will do the marking of the assignments online, by making use of Blackboard’s inline marking tools (commenting tools) and the interactive rubric (grading form).

Secondly we will be focusing on the SafeAssign tool which is built into the Online Assignment Tool. SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service that allows you to protect the originality of work and ensure a fair playing ground for all of your students. SafeAssign prevents plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers within your existing teaching and learning environment. SafeAssign can also further deter plagiarism by creating opportunities to educate students on proper attribution and citations while properly leveraging the wealth of information at their disposal.

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