Celebrating academic excellence

APPLAUSE: Education students were awarded for their hard work

The hard work and dedication of Education students has not gone unnoticed.

To end off the first half of the year, the Further Education and Training Department on the Wellington Campus acknowledged and celebrated the academic achievement of first, second, third and fourth year students.

Lecturer Dr Vincent Bosman says people often complain about mediocrity in education however an event like this recognises the positive changes in education and the reality that the sector is writing a new history.

The department commended close to 30 of their top students and awards were given in all subject areas.

Guest speaker, Herman Bailey, says teachers in the FET sector will play a key role in preparing young people who will play a key part in the South African economy.

The former Mayor of Wellington, Bailey says currently there is a large number of youth who are unemployed because they lack education and training.

“Remember, you are leaders. Your learners will look up to you. Show them the way.”

Bailey, who trained as a teacher at the then Peninsula Technikon also offered the students some advice for their future careers.

He says to be effective in the education sector, teacher must practice integrity, discipline, faith, a good work ethic and must persevere and keep their eye on the goal.



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