Academic Literacy Support

The academic literacy sector offers the following services academic consultations

Services of the Student Learning Unit (Academic Literacy Unit) 

  • Understanding the focus of an assignment
  • Structuring an essay
  • Expressing ideas clearly and coherently
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Referencing correctly
  • Creative writing
  • Learn the major and minor rules of grammar
  • Proposal writing
  • Revising drafts

What must students do for Academic Writing consultation?

Students must bring their material to the consultation such as notes, rough work, draft and assignment instructions and the marking grid if its provided by the lecturer.

 Types of consultation that is provided by the Academic Literacy Unit.

Type of consultation    DescriptionContact details
Individual consultationOne-on-one consultation, academic counselling and learning skills support to students.   In this semi-informal consultation, attention is given to specific individual, to help them to develop their learning skills.     Students learning difficulties are unpacked to assist the student to better understand his or her learning style Jean Collins:      Onele Tshaka:     
Group consultationStudents who are doing the same module are assisted in small groups  consultation (10 students per group). Same as the above
Reading consultation                         Reading group consultationReading consultation Individual consultations deal specifically with reading challenges faced by the individual student.     Students bring their own course reading material and get assisted with the specific reading challenge that they are facing.   Group consultations are also facilitated provided the group is facing the same reading challenge.Same as the above
Academic writing consultation     Student Learning Unit (Writing Centre) assist both undergraduate and B-Tech  students through one-on-one, group, and online consultationsSame as the above
Assignment Submission Students must submit their draft assignment to Jean  Collins for Bellville campus students and for District 6 campus students must submit their assignment to Onele Tshaka    Students are advised to submit their assignment 2 weeks before the submission date so that they can allow time for the Writing Centre to attend to it and the students to have enough time to work on the feedback from the Writing consultant 
  Student Learning ( Writing Centre) assist lecturers through academic literacies workshops, in academic writing support, and language development.Same as the above