Alda Nguefack

Aldy explains her research here in English and French.


Name of Degree: MSc in Biomedical Technology

Title of dissertation: The effect of the organosulfur garlic compound BisPMB for HPV16 and HPV18 pseudovirus infection in vitro.

My research considers an aspect of the Human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the most frequent sexually transmitted infection known to be responsible for most cervical cancer occurrences worldwide, especially in less-resourced nations.

I started at CPUT in February 2018 with my BTECH in Biomedical Technology, which I graduated in December 2018 Then enrolled with my Master in 2019, and I hope to graduate in April of 2021.

My best time at CPUT relates to my participation in the CPGS conference¬†2019 where I presented my Master’s research project and learnt so much about other postgraduate students projects. That was a very good experience.

I grew up in the Centre province of the town of Yaounde in the country Cameroon, so my suggestion for CPUT would be to please give more opportunities to international students (of which I am one) regarding CPUT activities and endorsements in their respective faculties.

Aldy explains her research here in English and French.