Student Learning Unit goes ONLINE…

As the countdown begins to the 1 June 2020 start, the Student Learning Unit has been preparing for an online roll-out. We have developed a few guidelines to help you access our services, hopefully this will help you navigate your way through this new territory. If you wish to access information a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been set up which addresses questions that you may have. While this is not an exhaustive list of questions, please feel free to send any further questions you may have and we will add this to the list.

As a lecturer if you would like to appoint a tutor, you may find useful information here: Online Tutor Training .We have developed a similar sheet for Teaching Assistant Training and appointment, you will find important information with regards to the training and appointment of TAs in this document. Tutor Training and Teaching Assistant training will take place online. Once lecturers have submitted the enrolment forms, a link will be sent to all students registered into the training programme

If your students would like a consultation with a lecture in Academic Literacy or Mathematics, a consultation form needs to be completed. Should you require more information please visit anyone of our information portals Student Learning Blackboard page or the Student Learning Blog


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